Name: 42nd Thunder Road

1. Living For The Night (Thomas Martin)
2. Bluegrass Daddy (Dodo Leo)
3. The Answer (Marino Carlini)
4. L'Ubriaco E Le Monelle (Dodo Leo)
5. Just For A Moment (Thomas Martin)
6. If I'd Leave (Marino Carlini)
7. Music Is The Doctor (Thomas Martin)
8. No One (Dodo Leo)
9. Deep Humility (Marino Carlini)
10. Grandpa's Song (Thomas Martin)
11. See The World (Marino Carlini)
12. Zingayeh! (Dodo Leo)

Produced by: Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo, Thomas Martin

Recorded: ZNY Mobile Studio by Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo & Thomas Martin.

Arranged by: Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo, Thomas Martin

Mixed by: Peter J. Jordan, Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo, Thomas Martin

Mastered by: Peter Jordan

Marino Carlini (Lead-, Backing-Vocals, A-Guitar, Bass, Percussions, Claps)
Dodo Leo (Lead-, Backing-Vocals, E-Guitar, Cajon, Djembe, Percussions, Hellflute, Piano, Keys, Claps)
Thomas Martin (Lead-, Backing-Vocals, A-Guitar, Banjo, Lapsteel, Sanifario, Claps)

Artwork: Miriam Leo

Fotos: Image of the house: Thomas Althaus, Photo inside: TF-oto

Release: 14. October 2018

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