Name: Corretto!

1. Dream On (Marino Carlini)
2. I‘ve Got A Friend To Write Me A Song (Thomas Martin/Ben Hickmott)
3. Lento (Dodo Leo)
4. Midnight Rain (Marino Carlini)
5. Guarda Qui (Dodo Leo)
6. Leave Your Hands Off My Guitar (Thomas Martin)
7. Il Pollo Nella Zuppa (Dodo Leo)
8.Mirror (Markus Meyer/Thomas Martin)
9. Bring It On Home (Marino Carlini)
10. Time (Thomas Martin/Ben Hickmott)
11. I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan)

Produced by: Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo, Thomas Martin

Recorded: live on several occasions at the „A Night At The Club“-Tour 2016, 07-18. July.

Arranged by: Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo, Thomas Martin

Mixed by: Peter J. Jordan, Marino Carlini, Dodo Leo, Thomas Martin

Mastered by: Peter Jordan

Marino Carlini (Lead-, Backing-Vocals, A-Guitar, Bass, Percussions, Claps)
Dodo Leo (Lead-, Backing-Vocals, E-Guitar, Cajon, Percussions)
Thomas Martin (Lead-, Backing-Vocals, A-Guitar, Banjo, Mandoline)

Artwork: Miriam Leo

Fotos: Thomas Martin (Coverediting) Alex Spiering, Marc Patzer

Release: 5. May 2017

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Midnight Rain

Il Pollo Nella Zuppa